Utilize Progressive Muscle Relaxation to decrease anxiety.  Practice this technique daily for 10-15 minutes per day in order to master this technique.  Includes audio guide. Progressive_Muscle_Relaxation_Techniquev2


Create a Worry Script in order to overcome avoidant behaviors and face your fears.  Facing your fears/worries helps you to process and work through a particular anxiety easing the symptoms you are experiencing. Controlling_Anxiety_With_A_Worry_Script


Cognitive Processing

Cognitive Triangle Worksheet– Does your teen always seem to look at the downside of things?  Do they feel like everyone is against them or no one cares?  Use this worksheet to help them process their thoughts-feelings-actions and replace them with something more positive and hopeful.


Self Injury

Here is tracker to help you avoid self harming objects: Avoiding_Things_You_Can_Use_To_Hurt_Yourself


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